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Not really a bug, but the software tries to route me to KMBS ILS32.  There is no ILS for this runway at KMBS.

Also, trying to find the best way to get routed for an ILS approach, I want to have ATC route me for the approach.  I tried filling a flight plan from one airport back to the same airport, but the software gets me to tower, waiting at the runway, and then never allows me to proceed onto the runway - sat for 20 minutes waiting for the tower to give me the next step.  This occurred at two airports, ex: KFNT, KLAN.

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Could it possibly be ILS for R23?  see screenshot

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I tried it two ways.  Took off from 3CM (Bay City Clements) just to the east, and it routed me to ILS32.  Took off from 3BS (Midland Barstow), and it routed me forever, all the way north of MBS, then east of 3CM, then lined me up at a 30 degree angle to 32, cleared me for ILS 32, and of course there is no ILS32 frequency.
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I think you should probably file a bug report on this...