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This BUG where NAV/RAD button is out of order does not make it possible to use ILS or set the CRS.

Hope more people will do a bug-report on this problem so it will be fixed.
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As work around try the following procedure:

If You select on the map an ILS Approach, You can select in the pop-up window the NAV frequency. If You then select ILS Approach, the plane is well positioned short before the initial point of this ILS approach. IF AP is engaged, You can select SPD and APP mode and the bird comes down properly.

imageDownload file

I´ve just tested it at 09L, EDDV airport. Please see the additional screenshot.

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Thank's for the advice, sorry it is not a solution for me.

If the Map ILS is wrong, (as in my case for ESSA airport) you are not able to set the ILS at all. How can you set the CRS, without the window for NAV/RAD?

I also not able to set APP button ON, it only set LOC  to ON instead. This is because my arrival is on STAR approach and sometimes with vector direction from ATC, when fly on Vatsim. This is also a bug, but a small one...LoL

It seams to me that B747-400 not work correctly because of all button bugs, where you are able to set buttons ON, but not OFF bye a mouse click... If set joystick button to toggle instead, it's no problem...

In my case I follow the star and ILS setting in the FMS, without any vertical glide slope... , even if getting vector from ATC. (It's possible to line up and hit the LNAV- Button. )
The Star + airport has correct frequencies for ESSA Airport, but not the the frequencies on the map.

It's important to report this bug, else we have to live with to many work around...
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You are right that this plane has some bugs. I have find out no other way to adjust the ILS frequency until now as I described it in the work around. If the pop-up windows comes up after selecting the ILS centerline of the used Airport, You can select the NAV frequency, it seemed that this will adjust the correct frequency for the NAV indication at the EFIS display.

Now You can switch the EFIS from NAV to APP mode. You will see the locator and the glidepath diamond and it´s working well.

You can use this procedures also if You operate with FMS. The FMS guides You to the final initial point of the ILS, e. g. KEMOT at EDDG. Then select the ILS for RWY 07 and You can select the NAV frequency at the pop-up window.

A buggy free plane is the much more better solution :-))).

Have nice day and allways good flight procedures.
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J'ai fait un premier rapport en février 2019. Mais je me pose la question de savoir si ça servira à quelque chose vu la date de votre rapport (mai 2017).....

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Hi, Indeed, the default B747-400 is full of bugs.

This was all tested on X-plane 11.02b1 default install at LFOH, ILS for  RWY 22

-Unable to set manually the ILS frequency and course from the RAD/NAV page of the FMS. I have to do it from the map view by selecting the ILS beacon and set NAV1.

-the LOC indicator on the ND in APP mode is inverted.

-Sometimes the AP speed selector is inoperative with black screen, spinning the knob has no effect on the selected speed displayed on the PFD. When this happens, we have to disconnect A/T, FD left and right  and connect them again. Then the AP speed selector comes back to life.

-The LOC/APP AP modes are not working very well. If you first activate LOC, then you will never be able to activate APP. (no green light, no effect). If you select APP from the beginning, all is fine. Sometimes, you want to select LOC and it selects APP

In general, it is really hard to describe a procedure to reproduce a particular case of AP malfunction. But it almost never works as required, sometimes you need 2 complete AP disconnection/reconnection cycles (Disengage bar plus A/T and both FDs) to make the AP work fine again.

When malfunctioning, resetting failures has no effect.

To finish with the B747-400, There are no thrust reversers and the AI B747-400 fly in a very weird manner (always stalling on short final, never able to land, always going around like a rocket and when taking off, trying to rotate way too early)

PS : I started to make a video but decided not to upload it because I think flying the sim and testing all that directly will be more interesting.

All the best with all that, I think it will be a nightmare to debug :{

Here is my log.txt (GTX970, windows 8.1)

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Hi Guillaume,

this bird is a real challange. I run two tests on RWY 01L.

At the first test I set LOC mode. After this I can agree, it was not possible to change to APP.

In the second test. I set FD on, A/T with SPD 150 kt and select APP. This approach works well.

See the additional screenshots

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file


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We STILL waiting for anyone at X-plane to fix this bug, it has taken fare to long time already, I think! The "Nav" button on FMS has to be fixed! NOW PLEASE!
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Il serait temps qu'ils se bougent un peu pour régler ces bugs ILS et CRS. C'est frustrant de ne pas pouvoir utiliser le 747 en approche aux instruments à l'atterrissage.

A priori, ces problèmes durent depuis un certain temps et nous n'avons toujours pas de retour sur ces bugs. FAUT-IL FAIRE PASSER LES GILET JAUNES?
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