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I have installed a new Solid State hard drive on my PC. Just for this sim. I currently have it on a spin drive. It works fins but I think a solid state drive with it's speed would be even better. As I look and search through my systems add and removed programs I cannot seem to find X-plane 11 to remove.  I was also skimming though the X-plane manual for uninstall instructions but couldn't seem to find it.  I did a digital download and just want to uninstall it and transfer it over clean to the drive of my choice.

Any advice? I know that sometimes if we uninstall a program there are certain ways to do it or it will cause a problem within our registry.  Everything is running smooth.... don't wan that!

But that solid state drive would run even smoother.

Thanx-plane 11


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Wow... Disregard. I found my answer.  It claims that all I have to do is scrap the folder as X-Plane 11 does not create short cuts and links to our directories!  Huh.. How about that.

Not only is it easier to run it's also easier to get rid of too. What I will do is test it out on both drive and let you all know what my results are like. If I can see any difference or not.  I am thinking it will be smoother weather I see any noticeable difference or not. As far as frame rate issues many talk of, I think much of the frame rate issues , if it is purely a frame rate issue, is just a matter of CPU POWER period.  CPU RAM Capacity, and a nasty video card can cure that.
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Well when I go into the sim it loads a bit faster. I know it is processing files faster. I am not sure if there is any noticeable difference between the spin drive and Solid state drive. My operating system Win 10 is also on it's separate solid state drive.  So... the X-Plane 11 on spin drive vs Solid state drive..  

I think it is a little smoother but hard to tell. After a bit of time with it I will report back if anyone cares.