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I've been playing X-plane 10 Demo perfectly and i bought a code for a complete version.
Yesterday I downloaded a X-Plane 11 digital version. The installation failed many times and now there are many errors with Scenaries (deleted following the instructions given bay X-Plane), with planes and so on.

I'n not sure if the solution is delete whatever part that generate error.

Can I uninstall and return to V.10 using the same verification code?



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Hi Rafachus,

Yes, if you purchased the X-Plane 11 digital download on, your product key will allow you to use both X-Plane 10 and 11 or either one. When you start X-Plane 10 demo, click through the buttons to enter your product key and it should unlock the full simulator.

For the X-Plane 11 errors, you can try running the installer and picking "update" to fix any missing or corrupted default files. Make sure you install to the desktop to avoid any permissions issues.
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I've tried update several times but I always get the same error. I copy the screen capture.

Any suggestion?

Thanks and regards.


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Please attach a copy of the installer log.txt after one of these errors.