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I am an FSX veteran seriously contemplating on switching to X-plane as my future simulator.

I only have a 3-axis joystick (pitch, bank, throttle). I don't have a yaw-axis control. In FSX, i used auto-rudder. I heard this option exists in X-plane. In FSX, when i'm taxiing, the left-right banking movement coupled with auto-rudder functionality steered by nose wheel and when i'm airborne, left-right banking helped turn the plane.. can i expect the same from X-plane?

p.s - i'm not interested in doing cross-wind landings at any point.. so i may not need rudder for now..


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We do have automatic rudder in X-Plane. People can even fly X-Plane with a mouse, so we have logic in place to assist with those functions that aren't set up with your joystick or device. 

As always, we recommend that you download and try the free demo from here to see if X-Plane is right for you. The demo has all the functionality of the default full sim but is limited to only the KSEA area and 15 minutes of flight at a time.