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very very weird bug...

Since 2 days, start on pb5 and stay on pb6, some buildings have disappear in some Customs sceneries.

Example: LFPO ( ), GMMX...

So... After many many tests... This night, i have reinstall a NEW X-Plane 11 and put only this scenery just unzip in customs

No buildings in this scenery.

If i install another LFPO scenery, i have buildings

In XP10, with the same library,  i have buildings.

I attach my log.txt from the fresh new install

imageDownload file

Thanks for interest to this very big issue.


UPDATE: I'm not alone with this issue. Someone have the same on

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I cannot download the LFPO file you linked. There is an error when I try. Do you have a link to another scenery with this issue?
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here the answer to this issue. It's not really due to XPlane.

This scenery have contains obj7, but XP11 now just recognize obj8.

I have update the scenery and it will be soon available for update.

I think XPFR have delete the old files for upload the new files. So i think it's for this reason you can't download.