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I loaded PB6 to update PB5 without first saving a copy of PB5 (that won't happen again).  In PB6 planes will load but nothing works.

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Your description is very vague. Can you be more specific about "nothing works"? There is a known bug that if the map, ATC window, etc is popped out to a second monitor the view cannot be changed.
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Yea it was a bit short on detail, thanks for getting back anyway.

I normally run with the map on a separate monitor and that may be the problem.  When I loaded a plane the prop was turning, switches worked but no 3D and once I selected Shift4 the cockpit detail disappeared leaving a totally blank panel and the system locked up.

Since my note I have discovered there is a dual monitor problem with Windows 10 latest update (which I had installed the night before Pb6) and for the present I have stopped using the second monitor and all seems to be functional.  I trust there will be a patch or a work around from either Microsoft or X Plane soon.

Regards, Derek