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the sound code morse of equipment of navigation in C172 in NAV 1 and NAV 2 don't working for the check if the correct  frequency of equipment VOR and VOR/DME. The same problems is in the three  marked of glide slope of approaching by ILS. Only blinking the light ( blue, yellow and white) but there not sound when you fly over this points.

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I can't get them to work in the 172 either, but they work in the KingAir C90.  Maybe you should file a bug report?
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Same here. I am using the C172SP. I am able to hear my radios. I test the radios by tuning in a nearby ATIS frequency. But I am not able to hear the Morse Code identifier for any of the nav aids -- VOR or ADF.
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Still not working on X-plane 11, running on a Mac.