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I am (re) enjoying X-plane 10 after some time away. I have Senario Based Training book with Xplan9 Situations.

As an app developer myself, I'm surprised if  there is no applet to convert 9 based situations to 10 based situations.

I may be able to "crack" the proprietary files from 9 to make 10, but I have enough to do at work.  I'd rather just learn to fly the simulator when I'm home in the evenings.


Hope theres a solution


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Hi Mark,

I am not aware of any plugin or app that would do this. Unfortunately, the .rep and .sit file types have been notoriously unstable throughout X-Plane history, sometimes even breaking between updates in the same major version (files saved in 10.30 don't work in 10.50 I believe).

This is something we hope to fix for X-Plane 11, so that your situations and repays will always work in version 11 at least.