When saving flights, what time of the day is being saved?

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asked Feb 7 by AH1F (23 points)
It seems like it's saving local time, instead of the time of day I have the flight set up for when I save it in a situation file.

1 Answer

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answered Feb 8 by jroberts (17,637 points)
The "Local" time should be the same as the time of day you manually set in Flight config. Are you using the option to "track real world date & time"?

If you think there is a bug here, you will need to be very specific about the exact steps you take to set the time, save the situation, and the results you see versus what you expected.
commented Feb 8 by AH1F (23 points)
I repeat the process several times. I do think it is a bug (but I'm using the 11.20 vr, and it's not fully supported yet [I don't believe]). "Track real world date & time" is off. The situation save does save when the helicopter is moved, at least slightly, in the environment before saving over a previous situation.

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