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Can't find anything for Alternator, either XP11 AC doesn't need, or somebody forgot about Alternators ?

No dome/ Cabin Lights or Flood Lights, I notice night vision is available, but still, for my little C172 or 1968 Bonanza IMHO it is some thing very basic

Cowl Flaps, only available for one engine, why ???

Very limit control on Fuel Tanks, no way to assign on & off to each individual Tank,

Can't save a profile, since each AC require different setup you may encounter conflicts, or re-assigning with each and every AC you flying

Some more issue under the wings, but I'll be more than happy if someone can response





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Hi Yair,

There are a lot of issues in this post, some of which are a little to vague to address easily.

Dome lights only light up the cabin when you are in HDR mode.

Each aircraft has a preferences file and you can save specific quick looks to each aircraft. Other than very little is aircraft specific.