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I have X-plane 10 v10.42

I recently bought a new computer with Intel i7 quad core processor, 1 GB hard drive, 32GB RAM, and an NVIDEA GeForce GTX 745. 

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Is this a new change since you got the new computer? Was the same plane, same settings, same weather (everything), running at a higher FPS on the old computer?

From the log file it looked like you were using the Ramzzess 777. This is a very complex 3rd party aircraft. Switching to 3D cockpit view can drop FPS in any plane because a lot more detail, shadow, etc has to be drawn. (I lose about 10 FPS switching to 3D cockpit in the default Cessna.) You can try a lower rendering preset and see if it works better. You will need to restart X-Plane to see the changes.
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Thanks for the suggestions and the info re how much the 3-D cockpits can sap the fps.  I never messed with the rendering options much before I got this new computer.  I thought I'd be able to crank up the rendering with the new one, but maybe not.  I have tweaked the rendering settings trying to balance graphic appearance and fps, but will continue to work with it.  Thanks again for answering.

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X-Plane's maximum rendering settings are a bit "future proof"--I've seen posts around this site that using the "extreme" settings with third party planes/scenery can bring almost any computer to its knees! ;)
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Also, if you're not getting the results you want with the Presets, you can try tweaking the individual settings as well. Here is a link to the section of the manual that covers the rendering options screen.

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