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I downloaded KLAX/KSFO/KSAN Scenery packages but none of them work. I did as the instillation instructions told (put into the custom scenery folder) and I've done it on my other X plane CD which I lost. But on my new one it won't work.  Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi Wingnut5,

What do you mean "none of them work"? Where did you download them from? What did you expect to see versus what you actually saw? 

If you are using the Airport Scenery Gateway, if you download a scenery pack that lists the artist as "WEDbot", that scenery will be no different than the default scenery that came with X-Plane. 

You also need to have the default world scenery tile installed underneath any custom scenery or you will still only see "water world."

If you think it might be a problem with the order the scenery is displaying, you can read more about the file (scenery_packs.ini) that controls that here