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Since X plane 11 Full version did not come out yet, I wondered how to download the full version of x plane 10 without the DVD.

Also I want to know weather x plane 10 will work with these systems.

-Windows 10

-intel core m3

-64 bit operating system


-x64 based possessor

-0.9GHZ  1.50 GHZ

-Lenovo Yoga 700-11ISK

Thank You!!

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You can read more about "Installing the X-Plane 10 Digital Download" here. More info aboud downloading older versions you can find here.

If you can run X-Plane 10 Demo on your computer, then there shouldn't be any problem with full version of X-Plane 10. You can download the free X-Plane 10 Demo and try.

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No idea why somebody downvoted this comment. Just follow the link and download the XP10 digital installer.

(although I can't download it because the CDN is not working :( )