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Hello, I started installing X-Plane 10 on my new PC that I've built specifically for the purpose of being a power-house flight simulator; however, I have not been able to locate the installation tool for the 64 bit version. I would like to take full advantage of my computer's power and 32 bit won't cut it. Thanks in advance!


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There should be a 64bit app in the main X-plane folder.

I believe it is called x-plane.exe

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Thanks for the help, got it! I'm just blind... and didn't read far enough on the FAQ lol.
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No problem Alex. Enjoy!

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When you install X-Plane 10 you should receive both a 32 bit app (X-Plane-32bit.exe) and a 64 bit (X-Plane.exe). If you do not have both of these, re-run the installer and pick update X-Plane.