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Why does the Steam version of X-Plane 10 already have X-Plane Pilot.txt in logbooks, server_list_10.txt, server_message_10.txt in preferences, and test_flight_747.fdr, test_flight_baron.fdr, test_flight_c4.fdr, test_flight_c4_night.fdr in replays even if I have not yet run X-Plane 10 after installing from Steam.  The digital download version of X-Plane 11 doesn't have any of these files in the respective output folders until after running X-Plane 11 for the first time.

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Are these causing issues? I can only speculate as I do not know how Laminar Research has intended to format, but it is quite possible that in X-Plane 10, those files are there waiting to be drawn over, whereas in X-Plane 11 the files are non-existent, until the respective file needs to be written in the respective directory, or perhaps that information is held in a different location in X-Plane 11. Like I said, this is only speculation, but if you can elaborate on the contents of those files (I am not at my PC right now) in XP10 before the application is run than that should help in answering your question.