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Good morning, I xplane11 installed on two PCs with Win 10, 5820 i7, titan x pascal.
I connected the two computers on a network, the first computer manages the front view, the flight and saitek devices. The second PC operates two monitors for the right and left side views. I have a problem with the timing of the scenarios in car traffic and airport vehicles including aircraft on the ground, what I see on a monitor there is no to the other monitor.Is there a setting to synchronize the visuals?


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Can you attach screenshots of what all the monitors are showing? Does this happen at every airport, with every aircraft, or just a specific one? Please attach log.txt files for each computer.
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multi motitor 2 pc on a network
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I attach the master computer log.txt

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

imageDownload file

and computer for side view, also enclose small clip where you see traffic passing on a monitor but disappears in-other.
I have this problem at all airports and aircraft, it also happens with clouds xenviro!