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I have a simple mac computer that can run two monitors - it is a laptop - a macbook pro, with an up to date OS system. I know how to set the monitors up through my system prefs and read the directions how to access the prefs in the rendering tab in X-plane. I just don't know how to assign one monitor to show a view out the window and the other a cockpit view of instruments. Maybe this is only possible running with the x-plane software on two linked computers? Thanks!

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In X-Plane 10, if you only have one computer, multiple monitors will only display one very large screen, or two screens (the IOS and cockpit). There isn't a way to set up extra monitors as other views unless you have more than one computer running X-Plane as far as I know.

Some people have had luck with the videos from X-Force PC for this issue though.

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Thanks JRoberts - what does IOS mean?
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In this case it means "instructor operating station" which is a mode that shows the map screen on one monitor and the flight on the other.
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Ah...thank you - I have seen that window when I set up my two monitor system.