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Hi there I am new to all this flight simulation been doing a lot of research into this and found there is two marketing sims out there x plane 11 and MFSX now I was advised to get this one due to support and development being current and up to date.... My issue is this


I found it great that you get a trial to test the simulation as I didn't know if I was going to be good at it what not... My main  issue was this it just took me 2 hours to download this trial and I was doing flight school as ive never played a flight simulation before.... I completed the taking off tutorial even though it was a sketchy one but I'm new hahahaha I just started the landing tutorial and as I approached the landing area BANG a popup with trial is over buy now........ what kind of 20 minutes trial do you expect people to get used to it let alone spend money on it when they haven't even had the time to try it out.... If I knew that the trial was only 20 minutes long I wouldn't have even bothered wasting my time downloading this..... Even though I am interested in this game I haven't had the time to see if I will have the patience to learn how it all works...


I feel it would be best for your company if you would give users a bit more time with the demo to get the full experience as I am being honest I was a very potential customer but now I'm on the fence due to the fact of the lack of trial time to see whether or not I am capable of getting into this.... If there is a glitch in the trial that its meant to last longer than I stated above please help me fix this as I would like to see how this all works thanks from a newbie flyer thanks....

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The trial time is limited to 15 minutes of active flying time. We do not count any time you spend paused or in the settings screens.

You can restart the sim to start your 15 minutes over again, and do this as many times as you want. It may be annoying, but we do not think this unreasonable as we do not lock out any features of the sim so you really are getting the full experience for 15 minutes at a time.
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I totally disagree there maybe for an experienced flyer but for a total novice like myself I spent more time trying to play around with settings on runway before take off and get a feel for the game... being honest I'm interested but not gonna put money down on something I can't properly test sorry...