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just installed the demo of X-Plane 11 beta but the program exit with a segfault.
gdb: X-Plane-x86_64": not in executable format: File truncated
ldd: exited with unknown exit code (135)

I tried to removed the executable file and stated an update but the new file I got was the same as before. The 2 make programs are working.

Any idea what I can do? Do I need a key or something for the demo version? The installer did not ask for one.



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The Linux executable is truncated in the pb10 update. While we work on a new update, you can download a revised file and learn more here.

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Thank you.

Now it is working. Just got through the first flight school lessen.

BTW, is that normal to have a dark 'cloud' behind the air plain? (I assume that is some kind of particle effect for the exhaust gasses?)