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I downloaded the demo yesterday for my Macbook Pro. It downloaded fine, but I can't get it to load past the very first screen. Every single time I have to Force Quit, or shut my computer down. I have 4 gigs of ram, and meet the requirements, I believe. Would really love to use this program while I get my private pilot's license.

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We will need a copy of the log.txt from after quitting X-Plane to investigate or help any further.

This is found in the main X-Plane folder.
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imageDownload file

Thank you for your help. I've attached the log.

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I don't think your computer meets all the requirements. Specifically, the graphics card is too old. X-Plane 11 requires a NVIDIA GeForce 420 or newer, and the log shows a NVIDIA GeForce 320M. The log also shows it is installed in the Applications folder, which doesn't work for X-Plane and can cause permissions issues. We strongly recommend installing to the desktop.

You may be able to run X-Plane 10 on your laptop if you'd like to get that demo here

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Thank you. Yes, my Macbook is pretty old. I will give the demo of X-Plane 10 a shot. Thank you very much for your time.