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Running Xplane 11 Beta on a MSI GS63VR laptop,
Ive noticed that when i press a key command, for example gear, or view change, that sometimes the game does not react at all, after multiple presses it eventually works. Game runs smooth graphically, also translates to my joystick. However flight control axis are fine.
It is a continuous fault, on every flight, feels like a wireless keyboard with low batteries (if you know what i mean)
This is really annoying when trying to deploy brakes, flaps etc.
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Same here. Cockpit manipulators do not work in the default 747, and when I try to access drop down menus, everything slows to a crawl - so sluggish this version is.

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Check that your frame rate is around 20 fps or above. That can make a difference with menu responsiveness especially.  We do have a change coming in the next beta that may help UI loading times.

If these changes are new to this beta, or only started happening recently, please file a bug here and be as specific as possible. "Cockpit manipulators" is too vague for example--I tried a few and they worked just fine for me. But maybe I didn't try the same ones you did. Include a log.txt and as much information as possible to recreate the issue.

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Frame rate is good, issue happens all the time.
Its not cockpit manipulators, just keyboard commands, whether using joystick or keyboard its self.
Press gear down, nothing.
Keep pressing it and it eventually registers and works.
Strange. same on all control surfaces.
Thought it might have been fixed in a patch by now.