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It was running fine before, during the update i cancelled installation and then now I run it it gives me this code. I installed fly with lua, airport environment  HD, and JAR DESIGNS ground handling. Please help me ASAP! I appreciate it a lot!
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I have the same problem.  I have not been able to start the program for the first time and don't kow where to find the file the program is asking for.  I have NO add ons and only want to be able to start the program.

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Hi - Please remove your addons and then try using the "Update X-Plane" function in the installer application. This should resolve the issue! Once your sim is running again, you can install the addons once again. Thanks!
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How do you remove any add ons?  I'm a new user and don't know how to do this.
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To add a mod to do this download and put it in your plugins folder or the proper folder.  So you don't have any installed just update or download x plane.