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Recently I was doing a flight and X-Plane crashed after about 2-3 hours. The crash is in OGL it seems, and in the main thread. It doesn't look like it's SASL-related but happens somewhere in the main draw cycle - from my limited understanding. I know that some trashcan MacPro's are unlucky with GPU disconnects and such - but this wasn't one. X-Plane just flicked closed on me.

The crash log can be seen here. https://gist.github.com/julik/25fed6f98cd0b05bff936f2bec76320e

SASL was the only plugin loaded. It's very likely that I can reproduce at least the route using one of the default ACF, but even if there is some scenery that is causing this I would be very surprised.

I didn't keep the original Log.txt but it only had "The sim has crashed" or something like that - one line, and there was nothing suspicious preceding that. The subsequent log is here (to see the OGL config and what gets loaded): https://gist.github.com/julik/9a94b3bb5e534244bf3561a210b3f53b
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Another crash, practically the same backtrace https://gist.github.com/julik/82dc3267076c5700340b21696e2f3ad5

The submit to GL exactly at the same offset (REN_collector::draw(xcam_class*) + 1245)

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My limited understanding of the Apple crash reports is that if it shows "GLEngine" at the top of the crashed thread it indicates that the crash happened in the graphics driver, and I believe that means there's nothing we can do on the X-Plane end to fix it.
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I understand, but nevertheless could you maybe run this along one of the devs?

The reasons for this are

* The backtrace is fairly short, and indicates a crash somewhere in the main camera render (from what I can see from the function call). The backtrace also indicates a null pointer dereference, which is likely to be a null pointer to some vertex array set by the caller code, not by the GPU driver.

* The config is a completely stock machine, there are no third-party drivers or alike. Also, obviously I can't "play with the graphics drivers" on this one - I have to use what Apple ships, no less no more

If I knew what is located at the boundary mentioned in the crash dump (where the GL driver begins and the X-Plane code ends) maybe we could find a way to reproduce it on a stock XP install without any third-party plugins or content, which could likely reveal a bug.

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