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I currently have my Garmin 795 connected to FS9. I'm considering changing to X-Plane. Is it possible to connect my 795 to X-Plane?

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I don't have any info on that model specifically, but I can tell you that it would not require a Pro key at least (the G430 & G1000s do).

If you can connect it to your computer via an adapter to USB, it may be able to work. We also have a setting under Settings > Data Output > Dataref Read/Write to send & receive data from a COM port, which I think is what some real world devices can use. 

I would recommend getting the free demo and trying it out. The only difference between the demo and the full sim is the scenery and time limits. I believe any time you spend trying to set it up in the Settings screen will not count against your 15 min. demo limit, and you can always restart X-Plane to start your 15 minutes again.