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Since I am interested in buying X-Plane 11 I have tried to download the demo version to try it out.

However, by the end of the installation , the "finishing up" does not end because it is not able to download a file called from the Highwinds CDN server.

The installer log:

Snapshot of the installer:

Hoping to get an answer soon, as I am eager to start testing.

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Hi Johan,

Was this a temporary problem or are you still unable to complete the demo download?
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I am currently in my 4th attempt and the problem is still there...

Overall the download speed is very slow and during each download the connection is frequently interrupted.

I have tried to download the file via google chrome and only succeeded after 6 attempts.

From another Question I concluded that the servers or download service where moved over the weekend to another location. Perhaps this has something to do with this problem.

This is very annoying.
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I apologize for the inconvenience. I've heard people have had better luck today. Unfortunately I don't have an answer because it doesn't seem to be a super widespread issue, and our CDN isn't reporting any issues.
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Well, I managed to complete the installation in 9 hours and some 30 minutes. Maybe, it is because I am in Europe (Belgium) that the connection isn't that good.