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I have tried to install the demo version on my iMac a couple of times and for some reason it stops downloading with the technical problem being - "Permission Denied. Perhaps you do not have access to a directory or file system".

As I am the sole user of the computer I have complete access to all directories and file systems.

This has happened at the end of the installation after spending hours downloading (my internet connection is not very fast) and with the computer dedicated solely to the download. Before this final screen I had the same problem but the program allowed me to continue downloading.

Is there anything I can do. I do not want to spend further time erasing and re-downloading the program only to discover that I have this same problem at the end.

I send you a screenshot your problem screen, where you can see that the program has verified the following: License - Server Verification -Select a destination file and Download (it is in Spanish because I live in Spain)...all except Finish.

Awaiting your suggestions.

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Please ignore this last question.

It seems that even though there is a technical problem, this is not so, as once I open the demo version of the program it WORKS.