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I'm a training instrument pilot and have thoroughly configured my keyboard, joystick, throttle, and rudder controls to easily adjust the instruments and flight controls in XP10. I love XP11, but I loathe the thought of re-spending hours to set all the controls again.

How can I import my control settings from XP10 to XP11?


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Unfortunately, I don't think there's an easy or simple way to do this. Many of the preference files are still the same, but not all of them. You are welcome to try it out (it certainly won't irreversibly break the simulator).

The keys preferences are still mostly the same so that one would probably transfer fine. Rendering settings would not, however, because of how much the UI controlling that has changed. Joystick settings probably wouldn't transfer either, because calibration and settings have been broken out into separate pref files.
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It would be super cool for LR to provide a migration tool to migrate preferences since they aren't directly compatible.
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That is basically impossible due to the total rewriting of the joysticks settings and key settings.

There are a few posts on the forum on rewriting the preference files in 11 to match 10's settings.

I found XP11 was much faster to set once you figured out how to set them with the 3D images that can be turned to show all switches.