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Many ILS approaches I have tried with the x737 and x737fmc don't work because Simbrief is giving a different runway than X-Plane for the real weather condition. Many times according to the real wind direction in X-Plane 11, is opposite runway from Simbrief and because of this there is no diamond shape glideslope or lock on the display. I can sometimes just switch of the Autopilot and manually land but a lot of the approaches I have done are in very foggy or low cloud conditions. I have manually made X-Plane download the weather but it is still not the same wind directions as Simbrief. So is it Simbrief or X-Plane that is wrong?

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I'm not sure which one is wrong. I can say that X-Plane 11's new default Nav data is based on real world data, which is very up to date. Many of the airports in X-Plane have not been updated in the same manner, so we are definitely experiencing a lot of discrepancies between the nav data and the default airport data. We are investigating how to fix this and considering our options.
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In my last flight, I had the x737fmc programmed for PANC runway 15, as given by Simbrief but as I was approaching discovered that X-Plane 11.00pb9 was giving a wind direction appropriate for runway 33. I was using addon scenery for PANC if that makes any difference.
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To determine if the issue is in X-Plane or the add on, you would need to try to recreate the whole flight or situation with only default resources, such as aircraft, weather, airport, etc.
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I did recreate the flight again with all add on scenery removed. All librarys removed and plugin autogate disabled. I left CustomSBDatarefs004, FJCC_FMC, XPLM.framework and XPWidgets.framework enabled because one was part of the aircraft FMC. The others I think were part of X-Plane 11. As I was descending and getting near final, I had another look at simbrief in my browser to make sure the wind and runway were the same as before. The wind and runway had changed at the last moment to opposite direction. PANC 33 instead of PANC 15 but in X-Plane 11 it was still at a direction more in line with 15. I suppose the weather update intervals could have something to do with it. I never forced an update this time. I just changed the approach route in the x737fmc because according to simbrief the wind speed was 0kts anyway and there was no ILS for the opposite direction of runway, that I could see in the arrivals page of the fmc. I'm not sure if the inconsistant wind directions was because of not opening weather settings and causing a weather update or even if I had it would not have synchronized with simbrief as with the last time I tried to do that.