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I recently learned about TrackIR.  I called the manufacturer, NaturalPoint, and asked if their TrackIR would work with a Mac and was told it would not.  This is especially confusing since in one of the settings windows in X-Plane 10, it shows an option (check box) to enable TrackIR.  

I would love to use TrackIR or something like it.  

Can someone help clear up this problem for me

Thanks,  Mike

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There are other software that do the same... almost free.. (need a good webcam 30fps o more and 3 IR-leds + a resistor)


I don't know about other OS, but I think it's an option to search... try head tracking software. I personally use opentrack.
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The 27" iMac I'm using has a web cam build in.  could that be used?
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WOW. Just looked at   I was hoping to get something that is plug and play.  I don't want to have to become a computer scientist to use a flight sim, but that's what it looks like it has to come to.  I'm ready to give up