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I am running X-Plane 10.51 on my MacBook Pro.  It runs great with no lag at all.  I used to use the simulator on an older Mac with less powerful specs.  Whenever I fly in the simulator, it will quit sometimes under an hour, sometimes it will work for longer.  I am not doing anything different than I usually do.  And, this computer is more powerful than my old computer and the old computer never had this issue.  Like I said, there is no lag at all on this computer.  I will include the log file.  I don't what is causing it to crash so frequently.  If anyone has any ideas or can figure the problem and how to fix it, I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!


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Always at the same region?
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No.  I am flying in a new region than before.  Ill try flying in a region I have before and see if the problems persists.