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X-Plane 11 keeps on crashing soon as I press the [X-Plane.exe]

It's a steam version xp11 and it works until i updated the win10 last night.

I've verify the integrity and even reinstall the xp11 but still crash.

Plesae read my log and tell me how to fix it. Thanks a lot!


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Hi zqlucifer,

Steam is a 3rd party modified software product taking a commercial advantage of the developers hard work by Laminar Research.  Laminar Research has no connection with the 3rd party.

There are previous comments in this forum, by the developer's staff, advising you should contact the third party with your "steam version" problem.

Good luck.

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I have the same problem and I have a non steam version.

Original windows with my new laptop works but as soon as I upgrade and apply the latest critical update x plane crashes regularly. This is a brand new laptop running gtx1070 i7700 32gb 512ssd 2tb.

I get a variety of errors with no particular pattern. Updated drivers and checked integrity of windows and all ok. Just x plane keeps crashing. Same for x plane 10.

Help appreciated as I cannot install windows updates until this is fixed.