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Aircraft do not respond to the mixture control even though under Settings/ Joy Stick/ Axis, X-plane can see the mixture control moving.

Throttle and propellor controls still work fine.  This problem applies to old aircraft as well as newly downloaded aircraft so the bug must be in X-plane itself.
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Does it work correctly on the out of the box aircrafts?...
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My mixture control is at cut-off in all default aircraft and when I start with engines running they shut off.
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So, did you fix your problem or is still present?
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,the problem is still there. The boeing 737 will fly since there is no mixture control envolved.
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did you try reseting your preference folder?

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No it does not work with new aircraft or old ones.  I bought the latest Airfoil Labs C172 and noticed the problem so I assumed it is was an issue with Airfoil.  However I then noticed that it was a problem with Carenado new aircraft and several old ones as well.  If I open the X-Plane Menu, I can see the mixture control moving in the axis settings so X-Plane can see it ok but for some reason the information is not being passed from X-Plane to individual aircraft.
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I would try on the standard Cessna 172SP, reassigning axis... It works on my configuration,... Did you try Mixture 1, 2, 3 and so on?
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Well I have just bought X-Plane 11 and there is no problem there so it may have been a small bug in the last version of 10.  Never mind. Moving on.

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