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Somehow my X-plane started acting differently, when I try to increase my mixture it always goes back to 0. It snaps straight to a certain value, then quickly returns to 0. I've tried resetting my preferences, and still did not work. Log.txt looks normal, nothing erroneous regarding the mixture. Is it a bug? I'm currently using the saitek yoke and my Xplane is in the newest version. Thank you.

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HI Pun3rs

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but have you properly configured your throttle flight controls within X-Plane 11's joystick settings page, as per the photo below?

I'm not sure what aircraft you are flying or which flight control set you are using, but you may also have to select the 'reverse axis' check box to get the mixture to work correctly?


PS Under no circumstances should you be using any third party software to configure your flight control system, as it all can be done within X-Plane 11's settings pages!

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Hi again

I've tried to replicate the failure you have experienced in my Zibo 737-700 and failure of the engines to spool when the engine starter is set to GRD, is something that I can only achieve if the APU is not switched on and the APU bleed is also not switched on.

Whatever I try, I cannot get any warning messages up on ECAS whatsoever?

Just a thought, but could it be possible that you have inadvertently set up an engine failure in the X-Plane 11 Failures page?

Sorry, not sure what else to suggest!

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I checked in the X-Plane menus, and there is no failures set up. I'm honestly more and more hopeless now.
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Could it be that since I switch between the extreme 3d joystick and the Saitek pro flight yoke, creates problems in the control mapping? When I fly the bus I use the extreme 3d joystick and when I fly the Boeing, Cessna or some other GA planes I use the yoke.
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I sometimes swap between my Thrustmaster joystick and my Logitech yoke setup and this has never caused me a problem before!

Anyway, all of the original discussion about flight controls began simply because I thought your problem was related to the mixture control, such as that you would find in a GA aircraft such as a Cessna or Beechcraft Baron.

However, it now appears that the problem is not being able to spool up the engines in a Zibo 737 and similar airliners. 

Before we go any further, please confirm that my assumption is correct?


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On a GA plane, the mixture stays at 0, can't move can't start the engines. Then I decided to fly the airliner this being 737, a350, e jets and so on. I thought it would work since there is no "mixture" levers in the airliners. To my surprise I can't start the engines after pushback, so I did some more research on the topic. I found out that there are people who experienced the same issues as me in the ssg e jet, they said it was a problem with their mixture controls. So I decided to debug my mixture ratio using the X-Plane feature at displays the values of the mixture on the top left corner. When I move my lever up the value increases for a split second before falling back to 0. I'm trying to fix this issue with assuming it would make the engines of my planes being able to start again, or at least make the GA planes flyable.
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Finally, it turns out that XLua is the issue, when I disabled it the mixture control works just fine. I don't know why or how XLua creates this issue.
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Wow, I would have never thought of that, but hopefully this means that you will now be able to enjoy X-Plane11 and get the most out of it, happy trails :-)
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Thank you greengolfer so much for your support throughout. Appreciate it!
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My pleasure, glad to be of some assistance :-)

If you are happy to do so, would you be kind enough to consider giving my original post a positive upvote, as this would be very helpful with improving my Q&A ranking overall?

Kind regards


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