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The demo downloader defaults to ~/X-Plane 11  (home directory).

However, I wish to install in /Sims/X-Plane 11, & after clicking the Change Directory button & browsing to the correct folder, the Continue button is greyed out & I can't proceed further.

So I will have to install in my home directory, then move the whole install to my Sims folder.

Please check this out?

Many thanks!

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Hi, you will probably find many answers there, even though it is not specifically about Linux :

So yes, you can move your folder after the installation process, just be aware that it might be the cause of inexpected and difficult to identify errors, related to access rights.
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Thanks, that is not a problem, as the partition I want to use is actually NTFS, so no permissions problems.  I was able to install X-Plane 10 there a few years ago without any issue.

More to the point though:  a non-functioning installer for XP11 does not give one a feeling of confidence in the product being tested! I would recommend either fixing the small bug, or omitting the option of changing destination folders for that reason!