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I purchased and downloaded XP11 Saturday. Got error 2:503 while downloading. I can start XP11, but it says some files are missing, then crashes on the load screen.

When trying to update 10 or 11, they both scan for updates, then say the files to be downloaded total 0MB. Once I click continue, it asks if I would like to overwrite a few old files (I clicked yes to all), and it comes up with the same error 2:503.


Tried completely redownloading/installing XP11, and same issues. I searched on here, and found someone with the same error, but it was a few months ago, and they seemed to think it was an issue with the CDN.


Any ideas on a fix for this? Thanks!

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Please upload a copy of your installer log.txt from the desktop. Sometimes these errors are fixed after waiting a bit if it's a problem with the CDN.
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Here is the log from the desktop. Still having the same issue since Saturday 2/11/17

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Unfortunately, none of the usual suspects are present in your log. X-Plane isn't installed in a troublesome location and it's the most recent installer version.

I tried the url listed in the log and was able to download the file, so I don't see the issue myself either.