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We have a 6 screen multi-PC set up. we offset the centerline so the bezel mullion does not interfere with the pilots OTW view, (the 4 forward facing monitors are not aligned symmetrically). Therefore, when we set the 'View' options to '3-D cockpit' or 'forward with panel' the view of the dashboard/cowling is asymmetric (i.e. shifted). Is there a way to disassociate a single camera from the overall orientation of the aircraft and independently position it?

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Since you are using multiple computers to run separate instances of X-Plane, you can make the camera on each computer display a different view. 

If you have set up the computers to be networked together as external visuals, make sure you uncheck the "view tracks master" box, then you can adjust each computer's view independently. Position the camera how you want it and use the quick look function to assign it to a key so that you can quickly return to that view if it ever gets changed.