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I have Windows 10 Pro Version 1511 build 10586.36. 64 bit

The system has 8gb of installed ram

I have attempted to install X-Plane 10 Demo but the installer crashes.  It does not show anything, only that windows reports the program stopped working.

I have tried to set "administrator" as well as Windows 7 compatibility but that did not work either, All tests I attempted failed with the same result.

This computer will run Microsoft Simulator X Demo

I ran the troubleshooter and it failed to allow me to install.

there is no antivirus installed on this pc.

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Do you have a text document on your desktop named "X-Plane installer log.txt"? If so, please attach it to a comment. If the installer is not managing to launch at all, you may not have one.

Did you just download the demo installer recently from X-Plane.com? You might try re-downloading it just to make sure nothing went wrong during the first download that corrupted the file.

If none of this is applicable, please file a bug report here and provide as much specific, step by step information as possible.

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I found the file.  Looks like my video card is not compatible.  

Usually the program will display an error "Warning your graphics card does not meet the minimum standards" or something like that.

I have attached it so you can review it.  http://questions.x-plane.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=3314004842623706456


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That looks likely. Here is a chart that shows what graphics cards were compatible with X-Plane 10 at the beginning of it's life. 

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