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So I have about twenty five years designing mechanical parts for both practical and aerospace industry. I use view port programs like Maya and Solidworks. Ninety percent of the time I start with cube I numbered the verts on so that if I need to run a script on how to move the points around as a group I can. I looked at X-plane years ago and the space is too small to work in and you can not flip between views. Meaning if I want to shape the fuselage I have to pull the verts into a really small space to get anything other than a C-130 shape.

I have the design working in fluid simulations but what would be nice is to figure out how to match the systems to the ones in use so if I simply build the gears to say control the flight surfaces I can compare them to how elevators and aileron's work on aeronautical airframes.

I am using the rocket propulsion method and instead of building air up under the lifting body I simply shaped it to work like a glider so that the control surfaces deflect the air into slipstreams and the edges where that nasty clear air turbulence normally comes from I used the air damn concept to feather air cross and down into air being feathered from the bottom so that it creates a bubble of hard vacuum at the tip instead of turbulence. It is really loud but the propulsion at high speed is dragging a sonic boom due to the mix of nitrous oxide and hydroxie mix, more of whooom than a boom. But if I can figure that out I can bring the maya or solidworks design into x plane but I was thinking the design area is simply too small unless you are randomly guessing numbers or creating them in another program and bringing them in as numbers.

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In XP, you can make a very basic shape and form of your aircraft. You set the flight parameters for how your aircraft will function. You have to use a 3D modeling program that can export to XP's own .obj format.  Most devs use Blender or conversion programs from their 3D app to XP.   Then you can build your 3D model and export it into XP. By making the XP's model invisible and adding your build, XP will use your build for looks and XP's build for function.