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My copy of Boeing 757-200v2017 locks up X-Plane 11.00pb11 when loading the aircraft


It function properly in X Plane 11.00bp9 and does perform properly in X Plane 10.51r.

Attached is my log.txt file.

imageDownload file

As you will see, it can not get through the panel load.
Can you assist me?
Is there a way to get X Plane 11.00bp9?
It was beautiful for me and I lost frame rates with pb11 beta release.

R Thomas

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I think that you can't add a downloaded model to Laminar's folder... you could try reinstalling in other folder ... But I'm just guessing...good luck.
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Thank you, but as long as you load aircraft in the aircraft folder, the aircraft will load. Sadly, This did not resolve the issue.