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Austin, et al --

Thanks for a truly amazing product; I've been an owner of many of the recent versions.

HOWEVER, I have to say that as a GA pilot in a club with several Cessnas, the hope and promise of an off-the-shelf product that can replicate my planes, and quickly and easily allow me to do IMC work is dashed even with v. 11. I just crashed a 172 on landing due to the over-touchy controls (and adjusting the sensitivity sliders just makes it weirder), and there's no obvious way that I can change the panel around to look like what's in our planes. I'm hoping that the Garmin 650 behaves like the real one; the 430 in previous versions was a frustrating shadow of the real thing. A few of my fellow club members have voiced the same disappointment with vv. 10 & 11.

Thanks again for your hard work on what truly is a revolutionary and ever-improving product; I have renewed hope with each version release!


KFCM Eden Prairie MN

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