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I have been looking for about 6 days now but I don't find any kind of "official" vr feedback thread anywhere, and as you might have guessed... I have some feedback. I apologize if this is a bad place to put it, and I will be happy to re-post if someone from laminar research can tell me where to post it.

     The hanger

  1. I like the idea of the whiteboard for the settings menus but since we are flying... we are already sitting down. By the time I am close enough to read the menu I am at such a steep angle I have a very difficult time clicking on things (especially near the top of the menu) without standing up "stand up sit down" is a safety hazard when using VR. Not to mention the added danger for people who are using a real world device such as a control wheel... Perhaps a desk with a nice widescreen display... and a massive gaming tower... and at least one bobble head...

 Clickspots in default planes

  1. The green is entirely too bright for night flying. I literally get god-rays off of them at night in my Rift. Should probably add a night mode in some deep red that can be optionally used. I say red because red does not hinder night vision nearly as much as any other color of the rainbow.

  2. The prop and mixture leavers on the twin engine aircraft need to have the extra clickspots added for pulling both leavers at once.

  3. Most of the knobs need a slow-down incorporated (more rotation of the controller to effect change) I would not suggest a blanket slowdown across the board some things work really well at the current speed, but others really need to be slowed down to make them usable. Things like tuning the radios, adjusting autopilot settings, and for the love of all things immersive the gps menu selection knobs. An across the board solution however would slow some things down too much... perhaps this might be an opportunity to assign one of the controller buttons to be a "slow down modifier" to offer the best of both worlds. This would offer the ability to have a course adjustment and a fine adjustment on all adjustments including stick/control wheel and rudder.

  4. The instrument panel brightness adjustment knob on the Cirrus currently turns up... but not down.

     Views and points of view

  1. In the interest of maintaining as much immersion as possible the only time the view "center" should change is when teleporting around outside the plane. Teleporting from seat to seat the direction of forward should not change unless I am teleporting into a seat which faces a direction other than forward, in which case the "new forward" should be derived from the mathematics of the plane model rather than "ok... now look at something and press the button". Once in a plane with the view centered I should never have to re-center it again until I change planes.

  2. I would also be great if while in game you could pop open a menu from the "controller popup menu thingy" and save your custom eye-point coordinates that once saved to a user profile folder, override the ones in the aircraft model since editing the plane to correct this is more than the average pilot is comfortable with or even capable of and would have to be redone every time a plane is updated by it's creator. As it is now every time a plane is loaded or I have teleported to a different seat and back I have to scrunch down in my seat and lean slightly forward while still trying to make sure that I am "looking forward" and press the button to reset the view...

     In VR Simulation Menus and 2d PopOuts

  1. I don't know if it's just my configuration or if it has just not been implemented yet, but I can not access the map or other regularly used menus from inside the simulation. This becomes even more important since for some reason nav frequencies are not currently displayed in the default gps menus. The only menu I know I can access in vr is the ground handling menu.

  2. Again I don't know if it is unique to my setup but I have no access to any 2d panel objects in vr. I have seen you tube videos of people moving resizing and manipulating aftermarket gps 2d panels in vr, the 750 for example. but there seems to be no current support for this. in many cases it would be much easier to point your laser pointer at the screen and pull the trigger to be delighted at your gps pop up already resized and positioned where you like it, large enough and close enough to work with.

  The tablet

  1. The idea of the tablet is excellent I'm hoping that it will be better utilized in the future. One really amazing idea here would be to put out an app for android and apple devices that would slave my real world tablet to the one in the plane. This way I could use whatever Flight planning and navaid apps are already on my tablet without having to play "on again off again" with my headset and controllers.

Please don't get the wrong idea, Where you have been taking the vr side of things is amazing. So much so that I have essentially abandoned the 12 year compilation of software that made up my FSX simulator and cockpit and have switched to X-Plane. I am rebuilding my cockpit as well as building a seperate vr cockpit just because you are doing such a great job with this. I just wanted to give you some feedback and other thoughts along the way... I just couldn't find anywhere to do that besides here.

By the way I took a pretty serious rendering hit with the b5 release and had to turn anti aliasing off completely to keep flying on my gtx 1060.  I had been running with it set right in the middle which was just enough to keep the glitter and shimmer tolerable.

Thanks for listening


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You can adjust the location of the whiteboard in the hangar and your view in flight by using the "get in pilot's seat" controller menu option.

We still have some known issues, and long term fixes and improvements to add for VR. We'll take this into consideration.

In general you can file feature requests on the bug reporter here, or [email protected] is always available for feedback.