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I'm setting X-Plane up amd I noticed that after I changed some things I was able to see some parts in Aircrafts like hydraulics or wires, etc. I don't want to reinstall it or reset my settings so I was wonderinf if anyone knoes a solution? I added 2 pictures with my current setting and an example on the E195 v2.

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Do you see this with default aircraft? If not, it may be a model error specific to the plane. 

If you haven't installed an add on, you will never need to reinstall X-Plane. You can reset it back to the default state with:

  1. Run the updater. If you’ve modified a file by accident it will ask if you want to replace it. Say yes.
  2. Delete all of the files in Output/preferences.
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I see it on all addons but it's only then, when my HDR is turned on. If I turn it off then it's gone. I tried to sett different HDR settings but when I change I either get a black screen or really bad frames. In this picture you can see the problem very well and depending on aircraft it either gets worse or less worse. I also noticed on the FF 777 that when I change from the default livery to any other livery which I've downloaded, it gets like this in the picture. 

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My specs are:

iMac 21,5" (late 2015)

i7 3.20Ghz


Intel Iris Pro 6200 Graphics card

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By the way, it only appears when my HDR is set to on. If I switch it off, it's gone. I'm running X-Plane 10 on an iMac (late 2015), 21,5" i7 16GB RAM and Intel Iris Pro 6200 Graphics card.