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Updated today to xp11 pb12.  Cirrus jet won't start.  Had to go into .acf configuration file and change engine spool up lowering n1 and n2 fuel parameters to n1=5 and n2=20 and now engine starts.  Seems someone set the parameters too high?
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THANKS A BUNCH!   I finally found the n1 and n2 parameters in the .acf file, and changed them as you suggested.   Now the SF50 starts again.  

Now, wish I had a solution to my TBM850 G1000 display problem...

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Go to .acf file and change engine spool up, lowering n1 and n2 fuel parameters to n1=5 and n2=20
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I just got X-plane, the 11 beta.  Can't start the engine even for the flight school takeoff lesson.

Any help/suggestions appreciated.

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