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After update to xp11 pb12 can't start engines on default sf50, c130 and Sikorsky s76.   Removed all Plugins no effect.  Deleted preferences no change.  Instant start engines does not work either won't stay running.

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This problem has materialized in pb12 and is discussed by Ben in the Developer's page.  It is known and should be addressed in an new pb which Ben hopes to be able to release today (Tuesday, February 28, 2017).

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I am afraid that despite the release of version 13, the Problems with Engine starts continues in both the A350 and A330.

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My apologies - Engines do start in the A330 - but no throttle control for engines at all in the A350!
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In response to both comments, Laminar did what they promised - sent down pb13 which addresses problems for those who are following the guidelines , Ben has stated that Laminar will not go back to allowing old and unsupported practices by developers and that they will have to bring things up to the new standards (my interpretation of Ben's comments).

I too own both of these aircraft and look forward to Flight Factor and JAR Design bringing their aircraft up to date.  Remember though - Most have stated that they won't try to release updates until v11.0 or 11.1 to assure stability.

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Have a look at the link below... I played around a lot and got a GREAT result.. Everything is working fine! Just look at my series of posts on how to make it work!