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Hi, my name is Bugra. I'm living in Turkey. I want to buy X Plane 11 digital download from your website. I am using "ININAL CARD". This card like Paypal. If you don't have money inside the card, than you can't buy anythink. I installed money into my Card. But when I'm trying to buy X Plane 11, it is saying me;

"Your credit card has been declined. Make sure the billing address matches the location that the credit card statement is mailed. Please verify the information and try again."

I filled all the blanks with correct informations.I can't pay for X Plane 11. Could you help me, please? Thanks.

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From the error message, it sounds like the information connected to the card is not the same as what you entered. Perhaps the billing address for the virtual card is not the same as your personal address? Or vice versa. I'm not familiar with this type of card purchase.

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