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I just upgraded to X-Plane 11. My Saitek instruments all worked with the previous version X, but I cannot get any of them to work with the upgraded version. Are they compatible or is there something I need to do to get them to work?
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Yes, I would like to know how to connect the multi panel, the TPM panel not the 3 lever instrument , Radio panel, etc. can't get them to connect so they work in x-plane 11.
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I've had some success with the radio panel and switch panel in X-Plane 11, but not been able to get the FIPs to function properly other than load non-functional Altimeter, Attitude and Airspeed indicators.

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We're trying to investigate this further. So far, all the log.txt files we've seen have been missing the Saitek 64 bit plugin that is required to interface with X-Plane 11, and therefore the panels are missing entirely from the log. 

Please go here and download and install the 64 bit Saitek plugin. Then launch X-Plane with the panels plugged in. 

Does this allow X-Plane to recognize them? If still no joy, please send a copy of the log.txt after you quit X-Plane to the bug reporter.

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Thanks for this. I have tried - and no doubt you guys already have feedback - because I note the fact that the Saitek site has no clickable links to the drivers - and the plugin link no longer works.

I have logged a job through that feedback link you supplied above, because the plugin has really messed with my primary controls.  But - I have a quick question for you...

How do I remove the plugin so that I can get back to the original configuration I had?

Thank you!
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Plugins can simply be removed by deleting the plugin folder from the Resources > plugins folder.