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I flew from VTSP to UUEE and after an 8 hour flight, flying over Samara FIR, there was a warning "  BE ADVISED : DEWPOINT OUT OF RANGE ". I clicked on the window clickable " UNDERSTOOD", but nothing happened and I could not continue the flight. The day before, I flew safely from UUEE to VTSP 9 hours. In Samara FIR no scenery is not installed. Windows 10 Pro, i7 4790k, MSI GTX 1080, X-PLANE 11 Beta 13, JAR A330 Beta 7, Xenviro 1.06

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We have heard a lot of reports of this, but have not been able to reproduce it with the information provided. There are more variables at play to cause this than simply the temperature.  Are you using a custom METAR or weather downloaded from the internet? Provide specific steps and files to recreate it here on the bug reporter.

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I had the same problem. When i fly in Alaska or Russia. I think its a Problem with pb12, pb13 and Xenviro 1.06.

I deinstalled Xenviro and had no more Dewpoint errors.

In pb11 an Xenviro all is ok.