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I'm just come from my course where I utilised a 737-800 flight simulator and noticed there's no way (in the X Plane 11 Demo) to enter performance data into the FMC as with the real deal. I'd like to enter V1,VR, V2 etc as it would make the experience more like the real deal. I need to stay current as a pilot and thought this would be a useful tool to use until I get a job but I'm still undecided as there are still a few differences.  Also there's no where to enter ADF frequencies.


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I think the FMC isn't specific of any aircraft in the standard models. That might be available in paid 3rd party aircraft. Someone with more experience I hope will give you more information.

Good luck!

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yeah the default FMC is meant as a generic all purpose FMC. There are two add-ons that simulate

a real FMC:

there is uFMC. It is payware and I have had some stability issues (mainly crashes). But this might just be due to the beta stage.

Then there is xFMC, But unfortunately you will have to tweak the configuration file since there is none for the 738. It's a bit of work and requires you to have access to performance data. But it is doable.  xFMC is free by the way.

Both are separate pop ups from the main 738 FMC and work above it not replacing it.

Hope this helps