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"X-Plane found bad latitude coordinate for facility at airport BIKF. a part of this airport is literally out of this world! The offending scenery is: Custom Scenery/Global Airports/Earth nav data/apt.dat"

That is the message when I try to start X-Plane. It was starting before in exactly the same version. I have not made any changes myself, so don't really understand whats going on.

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That is strange, in a good way. I did a restart of my computer and everything is fixed.
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maybe xp isn't freeing ram properly?? (just guessing)
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Do you mean it leaves data in RAM from when it was last running? Even though I shut X-Plane down I hibernate my computer when not in use. So the data on the HD gets transfered back to RAM at resume. Mine is Linux Mint 18.1 OS. I have not known this as a problem (not freeing RAM) in Linux but if it depends on the app not the OS, it could be.